The best things in my life; Bob the Mekong Bobtail, and Chucky the Ginger Tom.

Bobby arrived as a kitten in need of a home from a friend, Chucky came via the local animal shelter. Together they conspire to bring me company, sympathy, bugging for food at midnight and hairballs in the hallway. I love them to bits.

My cats lying on a shelf, looking eager for their lunch

Out and About

I used to have Cars and Motorbikes, and like them a lot. But living in Amsterdam made them redundant, and these days I simply have a nice electric bicycle, a public transport card, and feet. I like my Electric Assist Bike a lot, it is (frankly) faster and more reliable for going to Amsterdam than the Metro..

The only 'car' I drive these days is very yellow, and rather slow, but quite usefuls since it is the grass mower at my local sailclub. Where I volunteer as part of the maintenance crew and look after the gardens where I can.

The lawn mower at the sailclub standing next to my boat, which is moored to the waterside


Everywhere I live, I always seem to end up keeping fish. Currently I have a couple of community aquariums with lots of small inhabitants living in relatively peaceful co-existance. The golden rule is that 'nobody fits in anybody else's mouth'.

Prior to that one of the tanks contained 'Kali', a beautiful Longtail Comet Goldfish. I cared for her for 14+ years, and she was a big mature fish when I first met her in 2005. We went through a lot together, and I miss her.

A picture of Kali swimming in her tank

Computers and Software

I've worked in the Software industry most of my adult life, always working with the tools and technology, building other peoples software, helping them manage their code, tracking their bugs. My job has had many titles, 'build manager', 'toolsmith', 'app manager', 'devops engineer', but one thing I've never done is write the code itself, until recently.

Working on Arduino and other projects has finally forced me to learn some C and javascript programming, it has been a fun experience.

A screenshot of some software being written with an integrated development environment application

Owen Who?

Owen Carter, born in 1968 in Aldershot; the United Kingdom.

I attended Thatcham and Chievely primary schools, then The Downs School in Compton and Hamble Comprehensive. For college I went to Southampton Institute of Technology, where I got a BTEC Diploma in General Engineering.

After that I Studied Cybernetics and Control engineering with the Department of Cybernetics at Reading University for my BSc. Before getting a job with Motorola, where I worked for 10 years.

I emigrated to the Netherlands in 1998, and have been living and working here ever since.

A silly picture of me with a plastic orange crown on, takes no my face is half obscured

Things; Past and Present.